How to Renew Your SPYERA Account

SPYERA offers a quick and easy way to renew an existing SPYERA subscription.

Renewal can be done from inside your My Account billing system.

What is a renewal?

A renewal is when you have an existing subscription, e.g. a 3 month Extreme license, and, when you renew it, you get another three months time added to your subscription.

This means, using the same example, you have a 3 month product, you cannot renew for 1 year instead. You can only renew for 3 months. See below for more information.

Renewals can be performed from inside your "My Account" billing system. Simply login to your My Account, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click Subscription, your activation codes will be listed.

Renew Step 1

Step 2: Click View button of the activation code that need to be renewed

Renew Step 2


Step 3: You will see pending payment that need to be done for renewal. Click Pay button.

Renew Step 3
Step 4: Complete payment form to renew your account.

Once you complete payment successfully, your account should be renewed shortly.

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