Undetectable Spyphone

SPYERA is the most powerful and 100% undetectable Spyphone

phone tracker
  • Spy on cell phone GPS location and SMS messages
  • Read Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, LINE etc
  • Capture pictures, videos and audio
  • Spy Call - Listen to phone's environment
  • Intercept Call - Listen to live phone calls
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Spy on Calendar, Notes, Bookmarks, Web History
  • Alert Wizards and Event Flagging
  • Generate PDF reports
  • Unlimited Device Changes
  • Free updates and device changes during the subscription

100% And Hidden Spyphone

Spy on mobile phones Remotely With SPYERA

What is Spyphone?

Spyphone is cell phone monitoring software that you install on the target (the device you wish to spy on) device. You download directly into the target phone that you wish to spy on. Installation takes only a few minutes. Spyphone is 100% undetectable. After installation, Spyphone collects all phone activities and uploads it to your personal secure web account. You log in to your web account and check all activities remotely…

How Does Spyphone Work?

Spyphone is a software-based solution for spying on cell phones. No hardware changes are required. Spyphone Software is not a virus or a trojan as there is no remote install without human interaction. Once you complete installation spy phone works in the background without any evidence. It collects all the phone’s activities, and record phone calls. It also tracks GPS locations. Then it uses the internet connection silently to uploads all collected logs to your secure web account. You just need to log in your web account to check the captured logs.

What Phones and Networks are Compatible?

Undetectable Spyphone is compatible with any Android phones and Tablets, any Jailbroken iPhones and iPads, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating system… Spyphone works on all network and in all countries. Please click here to see supported OS version.

How Does Spyphone Work?

Spyphone needs to be installed directly into the phone you wish to spy on, not to your own phone. You will need to access the target phone for at least 2 minutes. After purchasing, you will immediately receive an email with a link to download undetectable spy phone software. Enter the download location into the target phone’s web browser and the installation will automatically begin.

Uses of Spyphone?

Undetectable Spyphone designed for monitoring kids, and employees. Did your child make it to school or home from school? Where are they now? Who are their new friends? Spy on your kids mobile phone and understand their world. Is your company at risk? See where your employees are, what they’re doing, and what they’re saying. Spy on your business mobile phones and protect your intellectual property. Spy on their mobile phones to reveal their secrets!

SPYERA Spyphone is the most powerful monitoring software on the market

SPYERA lets you view all the digital communications that take place through the target phone.

Are you ready to get started monitoring?

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How to install Undetectable Spyphone?

Installation is made directly into the target phone, the one which you want to spy on. You don’t need to install anything on your own phone. Remote installation of the software isn’t possible, you will need direct access to the target phone for at least 2 minutes whilst you download and install the software. You can use any sim card during the installation process, It doesn’t have to be the target phone’s sim card.

Soon after your order is successfully completed, you will receive a Welcome Email sent to the same address you signed up with. This contains all the information to download and configure your new software.

Enter the download location into the Target phone’s web browser and the installation will automatically begin.

Once the software’s installed you can change the settings and control the target phone directly from your web account.

Spyphone is an application that you install on to an iPhone or an Android. It helps you to keep your loved ones, your business, and your personal information safe.

It allows you to remotely see everything that’s happening on the target phone from any web browsers. 

Our software provides the best monitoring solution for employers, parents, and even personal users who understand the importance of protecting their businesses, personal information and loved ones.

With over 200 features and more being added every day, SPYERA gives you more options than any other competitor.

SPYERA is unique — having the ability to listen and record live phone calls and phone surroundings, as well as VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more. You won’t find these features anywhere else.

So, if you’re a parent or employer with responsibilities for the way your iPhone devices are being used — then only SPYERA can give you the answers you need.

Installing this monitoring app is easy and takes only a few minutes. You need to download the monitoring software to the mobile phone that you want to monitor. 

You need to have the target device in your hand. Ensure you have an Internet connection. Place your SPYERA order. You will receive a welcome email which contains your download URL, your web account login credentials and user manual.

To start monitoring the cell phone, you need to install and activate SPYERA. We provide the user manual. The user manual is step by step and each step has the screenshot.

Once installed, it will run in the background without any evidence.  Spy phone app will start recording everything.

The data is uploaded to your online web account. You can view usage and activity reports from your web account.

Simply log in to your Web Control Panel and start spying text messages, call logs, GPS location and any other activities taking place on the target iPhone.

How Do I Read Data From Spy Phone App?

The information captured by our spy phone app is encrypted and sent to a secure web portal. Use a web browser to browse data, carry out searches, set alerts, generate reports and much more.

The web account includes a number of innovative features, including:

  • Alert Wizard — Track ‘hot’ words in messages, know when a device enters a ‘location of interest’ or when a specific number calls the target phone.
  • GPS Navigator Widget — Manage hundreds of coordinates for use in other tracking apps like Google Maps — you can even replay the step by step movements of the target phone!
  • Individual Dashboards — Handle multiple devices at once — allowing you to easily monitor your workforce or family.
  • Download Logs — Download recorded calls in bulk using our unique download manager.

Why SPYERA is The Best Spy Phone App?

SPYERA is the first monitoring app. We design, develop and support all our own products since 1999.

There are many Spy app but only one has the quality that comes with experience.

  • Our spy app has over 200 features, which is more than any competing product.
  • Many of these features are unique and cannot be found with any other iPhone spy software.
  • We give you information, insights, and clues that no one else can.
  • We are the only phone monitoring software with real-time call listening.
  • We have a no quibble refund policy.

Want to learn more? Click here to see the full comparison chart.

Customers reviews

I saw SPYERA on a news channel a while ago. I never imagine that one day I will need SPYERA. My Grandpa has difficulties to find the home. He gets lost frequently and all family members worried about this. We decided to purchase the cheapest Android phone. Then we installed SPYERA on that phone to track my grandpa. I renewed my annual subscription 3 times and I am very happy with SPYERA. Thanks a lot.
Adam Sendler
Verified Customer
My son has a classmate has been talking about cutting themselves and sending pictures of their scarred wrists back and forth to each other… all of this just less than two weeks after another Spencerport, NY student committed suicide. I started to use Spyera to keep an eye on both of them and possibly avert another senseless and premature death. Everything works as expected. Big thanks to Spyera.
Mila Kunis
Verified Customer
It worked for me. I discovered everything I need within a month. I got all recorded phone calls without rooting the target device. I also purchased the computer monitoring version because I did not want to miss anything. I only had difficulties to contact support. Their response time is around 7-8 hours. It should not be more than a few hours.The rest was perfect. Highly recommended.
Mike Sendler
Verified Customer

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