Affiliate Program
With Limitless Potential

Make money from your traffic and audience with high-quality monitoring software



Refer your visitors to SPYERA and get paid for every sale


Earn a payout for each new customer you refer to us. Keep earning this when the customer purchases a new product or upgrade their product during the 120 days. Commissions start at 30%


Our website and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Our high conversion rates mean that the people who you send here are more liekly to buy our products


When a visitor follows a link or banner from your site, Affiliate System keeps track of your Affiliate ID for 120 calendar days. That's 4 months during which any order placed by the same user guarantees your affiliate commission


We offers advanced tracking tool for maximum optimization of visitor traffic. Tracking analytics can be used to test the best placement for banners, or for monitoring the performance of the ad channels sending traffic to the affiliate program.


We have got the necessary tools ready for you. SEO Keywords, banners, videos and tutorials. All are available for your marketing campaigns. You can also create your own banners if you do not like ours.


Sign Up Bonus – join our affiliate and get USD 25 as soon as your application got approval. A range of special rewards to gain at all times while working with us.

Commission Rates

60 %

200+ Sales / Month

50 %

100+ Sales / Month

40 %

50+ Sales / Month

30 %

1 - 50 Sales / Month

Ready to get started build your income?


Start selling now!

Use all available promotion channels - website, social media, newsletter, etc.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Sign up to affiliate program. It is FREE to join! Get our unique affiliate ID. Use your affiliate ID to link to any SPYERA page.​

Monthly payments

You will get your commissions every month, transferred to your PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank account.
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Disclaimer: SPYERA is designed for monitoring children, employees, or a smartphone that you own. You are required to notify the device owner that the device is being monitored. It is the responsibility of the user of SPYERA to ascertain, and obey, all applicable laws in their country in regard to the use of SPYERA. If you are in doubt, consult your local attorney before using SPYERA. By downloading and installing SPYERA, you represent that SPYERA will be used in only a lawful manner. Logging other people’s SMS messages & other phone activity or installing SPYERA on another person’s phone without their knowledge can be considered an illegal activity in your country. SPYERA assumes no liability and is not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by our Software. It’s the final user’s responsibility to obey all laws in their country. By purchasing & downloading SPYERA, you hereby agree to the above.
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