Android Keylogger

The most powerful and undetectable keylogger for Android
The most powerful and undetectable Android Spy App
  • Passcode Access: Log into the Android with the passcode.
  • Email Passwords: Our keylogger finds email passwords.
  • Google Account: See all details by logging into the Google account.
  • Social Networks: Directly log into Facebook, LINE, and Skype.
  • Message App Passwords: Directly log into Facebook, LINE, and Skype.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Watch live keystrokes from apps like WhatsApp and more.
  • Search History: Use our keylogger to see the phone's search history.
  • Browser History: See visited websites and how often they're visited.
  • Visibility: Choose to run the software visibly or invisibly.
  • Easy to Install: We give a guide with pictures for easy setup.
  • Free Updates: Get updates and switch devices during your subscription.

The Keystroke recorder is 100% Undetectable

The first and the best Android keylogger - Hidden and undetectable

Find Facebook Password

Get their Facebook password with Android Keylogger. View their non-published content, timelines, messages and chats, private photos, and albums; you can post and delete content.

Find Skype Password

The Keylogger app lets you review their contacts, chats, account balances, saved numbers, chat histories, and profiles. You can use their Skype account. Keylogger app can find all passwords.

Find Instagram Password

Keylogger Android apps can help you log in to Instagram account and access all photos and videos posted. View their direct messages and private content.

Find Yahoo Mail Password

Get their Yahoo Mail password—log in to their account. You can view their friends, groups, contact history, chat history, and account information.

Find Line Password

Use Keylogger to view all Line messages, groups, contacts, and stickers. Once you get the password, you can send/receive messages (pretending to be the user).

Find Gmail Password

Get the Google password—log in to their Gmail account. Send and receive emails, add/remove contacts, send/create pages, and more.

Find Email Password

Find their email account. Get their account password and log in to their email accounts from your computer.

Find Android Passcode

Get their passcode and pattern. Login with their passcode so you can access their phone anytime. If they change the passcode you’ll receive an update as .well
Android Keylogger is Undetectable

Android Keylogger: Totally Hidden

Our Keylogger works quietly in the background. It leaves no signs. It's the only fully hidden Android keylogger out there. It doesn't slow down the device or drain the battery. It stays hidden from the launcher, home screen, and task manager.

Hides Root Signs

You need to root the device to use all of SPYERA's advanced features for spying on Android tablets. But rooting usually leaves a visible SuperSU icon on Android devices. SPYERA can remove and hide this icon, keeping things discreet.



It can run 100% invisible or visible. Undetectable, it runs in the background without any evidence.


It offers everything competitors have, plus 70 features that no one else can offer.


Android Keylogger offers unlimited instant device changes during a subscription


Provides remote updates, remote upgrades, remote settings changes, and remote uninstall


Click here for the full features and a detailed comparison list with competitors.

How Does It Work?

SPYERA is easy to setup and use


Purchase a SPYERA license for the target device


Install and activate the license on the target device


All device activities get captured


All captured data is uploaded to your secure account to view


All data received can be accessed via any web browser

Android Keylogger Most Frequently Asked Questions
Can Android get keyloggers?
Yes, Android devices can get keyloggers. A keylogger is a type of surveillance software that can record every keystroke you make to a log file, usually encrypted. This can include your emails, open/private messages, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Keyloggers can be installed on an Android device just like any other app. They can be downloaded from app stores or installed directly onto the device from a computer. Some keyloggers are marketed as tools for parents to monitor their children's online activities, while others are used for malicious purposes, such as stealing personal information or committing identity theft.
Can a keylogger be detected?
Yes, keyloggers can often be detected, but it can be challenging due to their stealthy nature. They are designed to run silently in the background of a device, making them difficult to find. Detection methods often involve using anti-malware or antivirus software, which can scan for and identify such threats.

However, some sophisticated keyloggers, like SPYERA, are designed to be undetectable even by these means. SPYERA operates discreetly, does not impact device performance, and remains hidden from view. If possible, this makes it extremely difficult to detect with specialized knowledge or tools.

Remember, it's crucial to use such tools responsibly and within the confines of the law. Unauthorized use can lead to severe legal consequences.
What is keylogger Android?
A keylogger for Android is a surveillance software designed to record every keystroke made on an Android device. This software can capture and log various types of information, including typed messages, search queries, and passwords.

Keyloggers can be used for a variety of purposes. Some parents might use them to monitor their children's online activities, while employers might use them to ensure employees use company devices appropriately. However, they can also be used maliciously to steal personal information, commit identity theft, or engage in other forms of cybercrime.

One example of an Android keylogger is SPYERA, which is designed to be undetectable and can operate without affecting the device's performance. It can capture keystrokes and other data like call logs, GPS locations, and messages from various apps.

It's important to note that using keyloggers is subject to legal restrictions and ethical considerations. Installing a keylogger on someone else's device is generally illegal without their knowledge and consent. Always use such tools responsibly and within the confines of the law.
Can you get a keylogger without downloading anything?
A keylogger must be installed on a device to function, which usually involves downloading and installing software. It's not common to get a keylogger on your device without downloading anything, as it requires some form of software to record keystrokes.

However, there are instances where a device can be infected with a keylogger through malicious websites or email attachments. These methods often involve some form of social engineering to unknowingly trick the user into installing the keylogger.

SPYERA, on the other hand, is a legitimate software tool designed for parents or companies to monitor device usage responsibly. It's not malicious software, and it requires human intervention for installation. It's designed to be undetectable and to operate without affecting the device's performance. But, it's important to note that SPYERA, like any monitoring software, should be used ethically and within the bounds of the law. Unauthorized use can lead to severe legal consequences.
What is the best Android Keylogger?
Several keyloggers are available for Android, but one of the most effective and reliable is SPYERA. This software is designed to be undetectable and operates without affecting the device's performance.

SPYERA offers a wide range of features beyond just keylogging. It can capture call logs, GPS locations, messages from various apps, and more. It's designed for parents or companies needing to monitor device usage responsibly.

However, as with any monitoring software, it's crucial to use SPYERA ethically and within the law. Unauthorized use can lead to severe legal consequences. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions before installing and using such software.
Is there a free keylogger for Android?
Yes, there are free keyloggers available for Android. However, these free versions often come with limitations. They may not offer the full range of features paid versions do, and their performance can be less reliable. Furthermore, free keyloggers can often be detected more easily by antivirus or anti-malware software, rendering them ineffective.

For a more professional, reliable, and undetectable solution, consider a paid keylogger like SPYERA. This software offers many features and is designed to operate discreetly without affecting the device's performance. It's a robust tool for parents or companies needing to monitor device usage responsibly.
Barbara D.

Barbara D.

Verified Customer
I saw SPYERA on a news channel a while ago. I have never thought that I will need SPYERA. My grandpa has difficulties to find the home. He gets lost very frequently. All family members, we were worried about that. We decided to purchase the cheapest Android phone. Then we installed SPYERA on it to track my grandpa. I renewed my annual subscription 3 times and I am very happy with SPYERA. Thanks a lot.
Sky News
Alejandro Customer Review

Alejandro (Verified Customer)

The most important feature to me, is being able to see what my child is typing at all times. This keylogger gave me a peace of mind that my child.
Jae-Eun Customer Review

Jae-eun (Verified Customer)

This software is easy to install and works exactly as described. The Android keylogger works perfectly fine.
Vlad Customer Review

Vlad (Verified Customer)

My daughter has had a history of not being honest about where she is or who she is with. This keylogger help me to find all her other accounts easily.
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