Setup Your Own Spy Software Business

SPYERA Reseller Version
  • Start selling Spy Software for all major mobile and PC platforms
  • Sell all SPYERA technology as if it were your own product.
  • Control all branding aspects of the platform to create competitive differentiation
  • Maintain full control of your client relationships
  • Protect your margins - set your pricing for your market
Law Enforcement Agencies

Agencies in need of dedicated mobile activity recording systems accessible only by authorized personnel

Resellers & Phone Shops

Businesses interested in selling SPYERA's platform under their own brand & on their own terms

Schools & Educational Institutions

Education authorities required to deal with cell phone bullying, sexting & other instances of inappropriate teen & pre-teen mobile usage

Our reseller program can increase your profits

It’s an accepted fact that SPYERA is the most elegant and powerful spy software that has ever been created.

SPYERA has more features and easier to use than any other product.

It’s the market leader that all discerning customers demand.

We now offer you the chance to sell our products at a price that you choose.

If you're a surveillance professional or operate a business focused on providing surveillance equipment &/or mobile software, our reseller program can provide you with additional profitable revenue streams.


Getting started is easy. Simply order white label version on this page.

You can start to sell white branded SPYERA products immediately.



  • Our prices, our brand
  • Our customer use
  • There is SPYERA Brand on login page and Logo on web portal!
  • Our customer download software from
  • There is SPYERA on download URL.
  • There is Logo and name on the Software!
  • User manual with SPYERA logo


  • Your prices, your brand
  • Your customer use
  • There is NO SPYERA Brand on login page and NO Logo on web portal!
  • Your customer download software from
  • There is NO SPYERA on download URL
  • There is NO any Logo and name on the Software!
  • Get user manual without SPYERA logo or create your own!
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