How to Install Keylogger on iPhone & iPad

December 11, 2013

iPhone keylogger is one of the most powerful feature of SPYERA

Nowadays people take their iPhone with them everywhere they go. Have you ever wished you could spy on your kids/employee’s iPhone activities, or wish to see their keystrokes from their iPhone?

iPhone Keylogger works in background, totally hidden and captures every activities on the iPhone. Keylogger iPhone app captures SMS, Emails, visited Web Pages, Notes, Calendar, iMessage, BBM, Facebook Chat, Skype, Line, WhatsApp, WeChat, PIN, and Viber. See all other iPhone App activity and know exactly what they install, when, and when they remove it. SPYERA also captures pass lock, and password for email and other apps.

Unlike competitors, SPYERA captures both ways (incoming - outgoing) IM chat logs, SMS, etc...

How To Install Keylogger on iPhone or iPad?

Installing Keylooger on iPhone is very easy. Firstly make sure you have compatible iOS version. You can check support iOS version on this link. If you have a compatible device you also need to do Jailbreak. Since Apple does not allow keylogger on App Store you need to Jailbreak the phone to remove apple restriction. Jailbreak allows you to install anything that Apple does not allow. If you jailbreak the iPhone successfully you will have CYDIA app. This is an alternative of App Store. It allows you to install any app without apple restriction. Now lets start installing keylogger on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Buy SPYERA for Smartphone from this link
  2. You will receive welcome email which contains your SPYERA username, password and activation code
  3. Login to your SPYERA account and click install in HELP section.
  4. You will find APT url.
  5. Now you need to get the target iPhone. Target iPhone is the phone that you wish to install keylogger.
  6. On the target phone open CYDIA and enter APT url that you find on your SPYERA account.
  7. Installation will start automatically and it takes 1 minute.
  8. Once you done installation, a screen will pop up and it will ask you to enter your activation code.
  9. Enter your activation code and activate it.
  10. Another screen will pop up whihc has options for hiding SPYERA app and also CYDIA app
  11. If you want to have complete invisibility, you need to enable hide SPYERA and also hide CYDIA
  12. As soon as user start to use their iPhone, keylogger will capture keystrokes and upload to your SPYERA account.

How iPhone Keylogger Works?

SPYERA is a stealth application that need to be install on the target iPhone or iPad. Target phone is the phone which you wish to spy on. Once you completed installation, SPYERA works in background, totally silent, without any icon, app name, notification etc...

SPYERA capture their security code (Passlock), passwords, keystrokes, all messages (Facebook, Skype, BBM, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, PIN, Email, SMS...) as soon as received by phone and make a copy in encrypted file on the phone memory than delivery logs to a secure web account regularly. Even if user delete messages you will get the copy of message as SPYERA capture it as soon as it received.

You can set uploading interval from every 1 hour to 24 hours. Here is the 4 basic steps shows how iPhone Keylogger works:

1- Install SPYERA - It takes 2-3 minutes.

2- SPYERA capture all logs and keep in a hidden file.

3- SPYERA upload hidden file to your personal web account by using stealth, automatically internet connection. You can set uploading interval on your web control panel.

4- You login to your web account and read all activities.

What Else Can SPYERA Do?

iPhone Keylogger is not the only feature of SPYERA. SPYERA has many powerful spying features. With SPYERA iPhone app you can also track their location, you can listen their phone calls, you can listen phone's surrounding... Please click here to go Features page and check all available features.

What Other Phones Are Compatible To Run Keylogger?

SPYERA is compatible with any iPhone, Android. iPad, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Please click here to go Compatibility page for details.

Why Should I Choose SPYERA?

SPYERA keyloggers iphone app is the most updated, most powerful spy application on the market. Here is the unique features of SPYERA

100% Hidden, No icon, No App name on application list.

Cross Platform Compatibility. SPYERA can be install on any compatible phone. You don't have to puchase again of target user change their phone model.

Unlimited device change. You can track you kids for a few weeks, then you can remove the software and install it on your employees phone for example.

All Languages are supported. Your target phone is writing in Arabic? or Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish... No problem at all. Most competitor cannot capture non-latin characters. SPYERA can!

User Friendly web account. You can easily navigate between captured logs. You can search, you can export to download.

Free Updates. If we add any new feature you will get it for FREE!

Remote Settings. You can change all settings remotely on your web account with one single click. Most competitor using complicated SMS commands.

Remote Uninstall. You don't have to access target phone again to uninstall the application. With one click on your web account SPYERA will be uninstall remotely.

100% Money Back Guaranty. If you are not happy with SPYERA just let us to know. We will refund immediately.

15 comments on “How to Install Keylogger on iPhone & iPad”

  1. I am waiting for the jailbreaking of the ios7 as the target carries an i phone 5c and i hope before Christmas u could make it, if so pls inform me as i need to buy the software.
    thnx in advance

  2. Does the target phone need to be unlocked. My wife has a pass code? If target phone gets reset back to factory setting will the software be erased ? How long does the installation of the software take to upload to target phone? I'm thinking of making her phone disappear and then ordering a new one cause we have insurance on the phones. Will I be able to install software to phone before she sets up her new phone

    1. Hello,
      No, unlock is NOT required. However it has to be jailbroken. You must be able to navigate in the menu to install SPYERA. If there is a pass code you cannot navigate on the menu to install it. Software will be deleted only if user format the phone or upgrade iOS version. Installation takes 2 minutes. Yes you can install SPYERA on a new phone then give it to her.


        1. Hello,

          SPYERA will not be deleted is user change the sim. However if user format the device yes it will be deleted.

  3. Merhaba,
    Hem iPad mini hemde iPhone 5 de casus program kullanmak istiyorum ama sistemim ios 7.1. Yapılabilir miyim ve nasıl?

    1. Merhaba,

      iOS 7.1 şuan desteklenmemektedir. Kısa bir süre sonra desteklenecektir. Uyumlu cihazlar sayfasından güncellemeleri takip edebilirsiniz.

      Hem iPad hemde iPhone için All in One versiyonunu almalısınız. Yada ikisini ayrı ayrı sipariş vermelisiniz.


  4. Hallo
    Wenn ein Android Telefon auf Werkseinstellung zurück gesetzt wird, ist die software dann deinstalliert ?

    If an Android phone get factory settings reset, will the software be uninstalled?

    1. Hello,
      Normal factory reset will only reset settings and customisation but it will not delete anything.
      However hard-reset will delete all content and installed apps, including SPYERA.

      Normale Factory-Reset wird nur zurückgesetzt, Einstellungen und Anpassungen , aber es wird nichts gelöscht .
      Allerdings Hard-Reset werden alle Inhalte und installierten Apps , einschließlich SPYERA löschen.

  5. Hej För att installera spyera på någons iphone måste den också vara jailbreaking?
    och för att göra det kan man göra det trådlöst eller måste jag installera den manuellt iphone 5 gäller det.

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