All Available SPYERA Monitoring Features​

Explore features by clicking on a platform, version, and root status for Android devices.​

Live Call Recording

Monitor everything about phone calls. Call history, call recording, live call listening...

Live Call Listening

Listen to live calls happening on the target cell phone.

Surroundings Listening

Hear what’s happening around the target device.

Surroundings Recording

Remotely enable the target cell phone’s microphone.

Hangouts Call Recording

Record Hangouts VoIP calls remotely

Facebook Call Recording

Record Facebook VoIP calls remotely and without any notice.

LINE Call Recording

LINE Call Recording

Skype Call Recording

Record Skype VoIP calls remotely.

WhatsApp Call Recording

Record WhatsApp VoIP calls remotely.

FaceTime Call Recording

Remotely record VoIP calls made using Facetime applications.

Viber Call Recording

Record Viber VoIP calls remotely

SMS Keyword deletion

SPYERA delete SMS if pre-defined words matches

Remote Camera

Open the camera remotely to take a secret photos

Remote Video

Open the camera remotely to record a video


Record the entire keystroke history of specified applications

App Screenshots

Remotely take Screenshots of the Applications.

Call Notification Alert

Get notification when target user make or receive a call

Desktop Screenshot

Remotely take screenshots of the target computer

Call Logs

See call logs with date, time and contact details including duration of the call

Facebook Call Logs

See Facebook VoIP calls logs remotely and discreetly

Viber Call Logs

See Viber VoIP calls logs remotely and discreetly

TikTok App Activities

Track all interactions on TikTok, including messages, comments, and likes.

LINE Call Logs

Spy on LINE VoIP calls logs remotely and discreetly

WhatsApp Call Logs

Spy on WhatsApp VoIP calls remotely and secretly

Skype Call Logs

Spy on Skype VoIP calls logs remotelt

Facebook Messenger

Spy on any Facebook message sent or received

Hike Messenger

View, store, and download all Hike messages sent or received

Kik Messenger

View, store, and download all Kik Messenger sent or received

Instagram Direct Messages

Remotely spy on the Instagram direct messages

LINE Messages

Read LINE messages remotely without any notice

Skype Messages

Remotely monitor the Skype conversations

Viber Messages

Remotely monitor the Viber conversations

WhatsApp Messages

Remotely and discreetly view all WhatsApp messages

Hangout Messages

Remotely and discreetly view all incoming and outgoing messages

QQ Messages

View all incoming and outgoing QQ messages and multimedia

Telegram Messages

Spy on all incoming and outgoing Telegram chats on the target device

Tinder Messages

Remotely spy on Tinder messages with our Tinder spy app feature

WeChat Messages

View all incoming and outgoing WeChat messages (including details like multimedia)


Read messages and stickers sent and received on Snapchat app

Address book

See all contacts in address book and their associated details

Track SMS messages

See SMS messages even if the SMS has been deleted.

Track MMS messages

Spy on all MMS messages sent or received even has been deleted

Network connections

See a list of names of all cellular and Wi-Fi networks the device has ever connected to

Browsing activity

Spy on all websites visited by a target device

Browser Bookmarks

View and track all bookmarks on a target device

Email Spy

View sent and received email messages from the target's device


Spy on someone's Gmail with our Gmail spy app feature

Application Activity

See the complete details about every app being used on the device being monitored.

Installed Applications

See which applications are currently installed on a device being monitored


View all images sent, received, saved and deleted on a target device

Video Files

See all Video files stored on a target device

Audio Files

Hear and record all audio files stored, created, or sent on a target device

Wallpaper Images

View images set as for the device wallpaper


Spy on all calendar details and appointments on a target device

Location Tracking

Discreetly know exactly where someone is at any given time


Receive alert for a specific location. Set alert radius anywhere from 50 meters, all the way up to 10km

Easy to Install

Installation is easy and takes minutes and our live support can help you

Visibility Option

Choice of whether or not to display the application icon.

Dashboard Alerts

Receive alerts whenever there’s an important event

SIM Change Notification

Receive an SMS alert when target changes SIM card

Remote Settings

Control the target device remotely. Change settings, enable - disable features

Track Notes

Note capturing allows you to remotely read notes saved on a target device

SMS Commands

An optional way to send instant commands to change the settings

Device Battery Status

Quickly and easily see the battery level of the device at any time

Uninstall Remotely

Remotely uninstall SPYERA from the target device

Remotely Deactivate

Remotely Deactivate SPYERA on the target device

Remotely Restart

Remotely Deactivate SPYERA on the target device


Remotely update the version of SPYERA to the latest version

FaceTime Call Recording

Remotely record VoIP calls made using Facetime applications


See all incoming and outgoing iMessage made on the target device

BBM Messenger

See all incoming and outgoing instant messages made BBM

Hide Jailbreak

Hide all traces of Jailbreaking on an iPhone or iPad

Hide Root status

Hide SuperSU and all traces of rooting on the Android device

USB Tracker

Track USB connections and monitor employee productivity

Trillian Spy

Track messages on Trillian application

Search Engine History

See history on search engines. See what being searched

Laptop Locator

Track your loved one's location using their Laptop. If they have their laptop with them, you will know their location.

Monitor Print Jobs

See what files printed on the target computer

Transferred Files

See the list of transferred files from or to the target computer

Log on/off Activity

Track the user's log-on/off activity, including screen lock time.

Device Change

SPYERA allows you to move the license to any other supported device


SPYERA is a hidden spy application, and cannot be detectable by any anti-virus or protection software

Platform Change

You can move your software between different platforms
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Disclaimer: SPYERA is designed to monitor children, employees, or your smartphone. You'll need to notify the device owner that the device is being monitored. It is the responsibility of the user of SPYERA to ascertain and obey all applicable laws in their country regarding the use of SPYERA. If you have any doubts, please consult your local attorney before using SPYERA. By downloading and installing SPYERA, you represent that SPYERA will be used only legally. Logging other people’s SMS messages & other phone activity or installing SPYERA on another person’s phone without their knowledge can be considered illegal in your country. SPYERA assumes no liability and is not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by our Software. It’s the final user’s responsibility to obey all laws in their country. By purchasing & downloading SPYERA, you hereby agree to the above.