Hidden Call Recorder App

Record Phone Calls Automatically
  • Start auto-recording all calls.
  • Choose to record calls with specific contacts.
  • Get both sides of the conversation.
  • All recordings go to your online account.
  • Option to record only incoming calls.
  • Change settings, stop or start recording remotely.
  • Listen to recordings from your account or download them.
  • Stay hidden with invisible mode.
  • Install easily with a guide and screenshots.
  • Enjoy free updates and switch devices anytime in your subscription.

100% Hidden And Undetectable Phone Call Recorder App

Record Phone Calls Remotely With SPYERA

What's a Hidden Call Recorder?

Recording calls on an iPhone and Android is helpful for business, personal, or record-keeping. SPYERA's call recording feature does this automatically for calls to or from the target phone. It logs who, phone numbers, contact names, dates, times, and call length. These recordings are uploaded to your web account secretly. Just click PLAY or Download in your web panel to listen. This hidden recorder works on Android and iPhone.

Why Recording Phone Calls is Important?

All the technology needed for phone call recording

Are you worried about who your teenage daughter is making plans with? Do you have employees you need to monitor? If you want to know exactly what’s being said on those calls when you’re not around, with SPYERA, you can.

Even when you may be recording them, having access to the phone’s call logs confirms exactly who your target was in contact with. For further evidence, you will have the name associated with the phone’s address and number, the time of day book, and the ph and duration.

How Does A Spy Call Recorder Work?

Recording phone calls give you a complete 1:1 recording of all calls. We understand that you can only sometimes be around to listen in to a call live. Our call recording option allows you to set up and forget the possibilities. You can come back at the end of the day to listen to all the captured recordings.

Let’s take a quick look to see how these features work.

To begin, make sure you have enabled the call recording option inside your web account, through the Control Center, and also have set the watchlist to record the different kinds of calls you want to record (e.g., numbers in the address book, not in the address book, numbers you specify yourself, etc.).

How to Record Phone Calls?

Log in to your SPYERA web account to download or listen to any call from the target person. You can also record calls with only specific contacts and even receive an instant notification when one of these is connecting.

In the following guide, you’ll learn how to record phone calls with SPYERA.

  1. You need to purchase a SPYERA license. You will receive your software by email.
  2. Get the target phone in your hand, install SPYERA, and leave it back. You don’t have the target phone anymore.
  3. Log in to your web account and click the Recording section. All recorded calls will be listed.
  4. Click any voice recordings files to listen in real-time or download them to your PC

That’s all, and you should now successfully monitor their phone calls. Depending on your automatic upload settings, the recorded calls will update every time a call takes place. You’ll also see the contact name, phone number, call duration, and date & time. This does give you a good view of what they’ve been up to.

How To Download Hidden Call Recorder Spy Apps?

After that, every time a call is placed to or from the target device, it will be recorded and uploaded to your online account.

You then download the recording from your online account to your PC and listen to it offline using popular PC programs such as VLC Media PlayerWindows Media Player, etc...

Key Points to Remember:

  • Always inform the other party before starting the recording. It's not just courteous; it's often legally required.

  • Recorded calls are stored within the app or service you're using, but some apps might allow you to save recordings to your iPhone or cloud storage.

  • Review the app's privacy policy to ensure your recorded calls remain confidential.

  • Not all third-party apps offer high-quality recordings. Testing the app first's a good idea to ensure the audio recording meets your standards.

In conclusion, while the iPhone doesn't have a built-in feature to record calls, several methods, including third-party apps like SPYERA, can help you record phone calls on iPhone. Always ensure you abide by local laws and regulations when recording any conversation.

A hidden call recorder lets you automatically record any call made to, or from the target phone. Recorded phone calls also contain who they’ve been talking to, phone numbers, contact names, dates, times and duration.

These files are uploaded to your web account. This process is completely hidden. On your web control panel just click PLAY or Download to listen to recorded phone calls.

Are you ready to Record Phone Call?

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Hidden Call Recorder App Most Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any hidden call recorder?
Undoubtedly, technology has advanced to unprecedented levels, presenting us with sophisticated tools to make our lives easier. One such tool that has recently gained popularity is the hidden call recorder. SPYERA stands out as an exceptional hidden call recording app among the various options available.

This powerful software allows users to stealthily record calls, monitor messages, track GPS locations, and access other crucial information without being detected by the target device. Its discreet and efficient operation makes it an ideal choice for individuals seeking to keep an eye on their loved ones, employers monitoring their staff, or simply for personal use.

With SPYERA, users can effortlessly obtain valuable insights and maintain oversight on critical communications, all while remaining entirely concealed.
Which is the best hiden call recording app?
Regarding hidden call recording apps, one of the top contenders in the market is SPYERA.

Renowned for its exceptional features and reliable performance, SPYERA stands out as one of the best hidden call recorder apps.

With its advanced capabilities and seamless operation, SPYERA gives users a top-notch experience when discreetly recording calls. SPYERA is the best secret call recording app.
How to automatically record phone calls?
You need a reliable app like SPYERA to automatically record calls on Android and iPhone. Here's how you can use SPYERA to enable automatic call recording effortlessly:

1- Visit the official SPYERA website and sign up for an account.
2- Choose the appropriate subscription plan that suits your needs.
3- Follow the installation instructions provided by SPYERA for your target device (Android or iPhone).
4- Once the app is installed, it will work discreetly in the background without the user's knowledge.
5- Access the SPYERA control panel from any web browser or the SPYERA mobile app.
6- Navigate to the call recording feature and enable the automatic call recording option.
7- Customize any additional settings according to your preferences.
8- SPYERA will automatically record incoming and outgoing calls on the target device.

With SPYERA's advanced technology and compatibility with both Android and iPhone, it is the best option for automatic phone call recording. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with effortless call recording using SPYERA.
How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone?
Native Features: As of my last update in September 2021, Apple's iOS does not offer built-in recording calls on iPhone. Therefore, if you're wondering, "Can you record a phone call on iPhone natively?" the answer is no.

Third-party Apps: To record calls on iPhone, you'll need to rely on third-party apps available on the App Store. One such app to record calls is SPYERA. Here's how you can use it:
a. Go to the pricing page.
b. Purchase "SPYERA" or another phone call recording app.
c. Download and install the app on the target device.
d. Once installed, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to set up call recording.
e. When you make or receive a call, the app should provide a record button, allowing you to start audio recording. Some apps also offer automatic call recording features.

Using Google Voice: Another method to record calls on iPhone is by using Google Voice. However, it only allows for recording incoming calls.
a. Set up a Google Voice account and link it to your iPhone.
b. Go to the settings in Google Voice and enable 'Call Recording.'
c. When you receive a call on Google Voice, press the '4' key on your iPhone's keypad to start recording. Press '4' again to stop the recording.

External Devices: External devices connected to your iPhone to record calls are available in the market. These devices capture the audio as you're on the call.

VoIP Services: Some VoIP services, like Skype, have built-in call recording features. If you're making a call through a service on your iPhone, you can use their native feature to record the call.
How to record calls on your Android?
Recording phone calls on an Android device can be essential for various reasons, such as keeping records of meaningful conversations or monitoring for security purposes. While SPYERA offers a sophisticated call recording solution, Android users also have an alternative option. Many Android devices have built-in call recording features, which can be activated through the phone's dialer or call settings. These built-in features are generally user-friendly and do not require additional software installation.

To record calls on your Android device using SPYERA, follow these steps:

Purchase a SPYERA Subscription: Start by purchasing a subscription suitable for your needs.

Install SPYERA on the Target Device: You will need physical access to the Android device you wish to monitor. Follow the installation instructions provided by SPYERA.

Activate automatic call recording: Once installed, activate the call recording feature through the SPYERA web portal. This can be done by logging into your SPYERA account online.

Record Calls Automatically: SPYERA will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls on the Android device. The calls are recorded discreetly without alerting the device user.

Access Recorded Calls: You can access and listen to the recorded calls by logging into your SPYERA web account. The recordings will be available to download or listen to directly from the portal.
Barbara D.
Barbara D.
Verified Customer
I saw SPYERA on a news channel a while ago. I have never thought that I will need SPYERA. My grandpa has difficulties to find the home. He gets lost very frequently. All family members, we were worried about that. We decided to purchase the cheapest Android phone. Then we installed SPYERA on it to track my grandpa. I renewed my annual subscription 3 times and I am very happy with SPYERA. Thanks a lot.
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Anna - Customer Review
Anna K. (Verified Customer)
It worked for me. I discovered everything I need within a month. I got all recorded phone calls without rooting the target device. I also purchased the computer monitoring version because I didn't want to miss anything. I only had problems to contact support. Their response time is around 7-8 hours. It should not be more than a few hours. The rest of was perfect. I highly recommend it.
Adil Faysal
Adil Faysal (Verified Customer)
I tested many spy apps but I only keep using SPYERA since 2011. The main reason I am using SPYERA is their call interception feature. Only SPYERA can offer call interception. Also, I like remote the update which is a great feature. My target user gets every single update of WhatsApp. Competitors need re-installation again and again for updates. It ridiculous when you have limited time to physical access to the target phone. With SPYERA all done remotely.
Tarik Emre
Tarık Emre Y. (Verified Customer)
I like the way SPYERA get the update to the latest version. The remote update is excellent. With Spy phone, the most difficult part is accessing to the target phone. With the remote update, I accessed the target device one time a year ago. Since then I am using the remote update to get the latest features. The only problem I have with SPYERA is that sometimes support team response the next day. Support needs some improvement. The rest of the service is perfect.
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