Update – v5.1 for iPhone & iPad

Today we’re excited to introduce some major updates to our iOS (iPhone & iPad) cell phone monitoring app! If you're an existing customer, you may see the update icon for the remote update on your web account. This update is FREE for customers with a valid subscription.

The new SPYERA iPhone and iPad monitoring app have a series of important updates and improvement for both iPhone and iPad. See details below:

What's New?

  • Support App Screenshot Capture
  • Support Keylogger
  • Capture outgoing shared photo/video from Instagram to Facebook Messenger
  • Support VoIP Call Recording for FaceTime and Facebook Messenger
  • Support FaceTime Spycam in iOS 10.2
  • Reduce the file size of App Screenshots by greyscale the pictures
  • Improve Notes Tracking feature
  • Improve Spycall function for iOS 7.x.x

What's fixed?

  • Changed menu name to hide jailbreak icon from “Pangu” to “Jailbreak App” inside the software’s dashboard
  • Does not capture secret chat on Facebook Messenger version 103.0 fixed
  • Incorrect capturing of media file sent on Instagram version 10.4 fixed
  • Does not capture any event on Yahoo Iris version 2.5.1 fixed
  • Unable to install software on iOS 7 fixed
  • Does not capture outgoing disappearing video and photo events on Instagram version 10.15 fixed
  • Does not capture all incoming and outgoing direct message on Instagram version 10.15 fixed
  • Does not capture the incoming event on Viber version 6.8 fixed
  • Does not capture the incoming event on WhatsApp version 2.17.11 fixed
  • Does not capture media event on Instagram version 10.14 fixed
  • Incorrect report of duration time for Call Recording fixed
  • Incorrect report of duration time for VoIP Call Recording fixed
  • Does not capture shared location event on Viber 6.9.3 fixed
  • Does not capture Call Log on iOS 7.x.x fixed
  • Does not capture contact name for VoIP Call Recording on WhatsApp version 2.17.30 fixed
  • Incorrect VoIP Call Recording direction reported on WhatsApp version 2.17.30 fixed

Additional note:

IM Application Supported Version
BBM 300.0.13.79
Facebook Messenger 121.0
Google Hangouts 16.0.157359292
Instagram (Direct Message) 10.25
LINE 7.5.1
Skype for iPhone/ iPad 6.35.1
Tinder 7.5.2
Viber 6.9.5
WeChat 6.5.8
WhatsApp 2.17.30
Yahoo Messenger Iris 2.9

How To Get This Update?

Log in to your web account,  you’ll see a flashing “Update” button on the top-right hand side of your dashboard. Just click the update button. The remote update should happen within the next 24 hours, or at the next successful device connection. This is a remote process that does not require you to retrieve the phone to update the software.

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