Update - v2.9.2 for Android

SPYERA has released an important update to Android spyphone monitoring software and Android tablet monitoring software version 2.9.2 available now for customer download. This update has compatibility for Android 5.0 and has a new feature to capture historical events that happened before installing SPYERA. So this is the first monitoring software that compatible with Android 5.0 and first spy app that capture events that happened before installation. This update is FREE for customers with valid subscription.

What's New?

  • Support for Android OS 5.0
  • Implemented a new feature called Request Historical Events to capture the LATEST 5 pictures, 10 video, 10 audio files, 10 call logs, 10 SMS, 10 MMS, 10 VOIP call logs, 10 messages of each IM app and 10 history browsers from both Internet and Google Chrome stored on the Target device prior to the installation of the software and automatically upload to the dashboard after the activation.
  • Compatible with Android OS version 5.0 on Nexus 4
  • Improved Call Recording function for Android device
  • Implemented Call Recording Source. Customers can choose the Recording Source that works best with their Target device such as providing higher volume, clearer voice or recording two sides of the conversation.
  • Support both Internet browser and Google Chrome browser for Bookmark and Web Visit Tracking features on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5

What's fixed?

  • Cannot report private number for Call Recording has been fixed.
  • Incorrect phone number format for Call Recording reported to the server has been fixed.
  • Cannot capture Account Owner Profile Photo on Facebook Messenger fixed.
  • Cannot capture Web Visit Tracking on Internet browser on Samsung Galaxy S4 fixed.

Additional note:

  • Performance issue has been found on Samsung Captivate 2.3.4./ Sony Ray 2.3.4.
  • Supported BBM up to version
  • Supported Facebook up to version
  • Supported Facebook Messenger up to version
  • Supported Hangouts up to version 2.5.81636427
  • Supported Line up to version 4.8.0
  • Supported WhatsApp up to version 2.11.476
  • Supported Skype up to version
  • Supported Viber up to version
  • Supported WeChat up to version
  • Supported Yahoo Messenger up to version 1.8.8

12 comments on “Update - v2.9.2 for Android”

  1. Hi,

    When can I set a ambient recording "schedule"? Meaning I can set a specific time when ambient starts recording and on different intervals of time without me having to be next to my computer . So I set a recording time and then `I listen afterwards .


    1. Ciao,
      Apprezziamo il vostro interesse nei nostri prodotti ; sei arrivato nel posto giusto per il miglior software di monitoraggio sul mercato !
      Abbiamo reso molto facile per voi trovare subito esattamente quale modello sostenuto e anche i requisiti tecnici come Jailbreak , Radice , sistemi operativi , versioni del sistema operativo ...
      La lista ufficiale SOLO di tutti questi modelli di informazione e di sostegno può essere trovato alla http://spyera.com/compatibility/

      SPYERA funziona in tutti i paesi e in tutte le reti .

  2. I'm currently using another spy app, and it really sucks so badly.
    I'm very interested in your product, just a few thing thats bothering me. "Need Root" for some of the features I really count on. But my target is using Samsung Galaxy note, version 5.0.,
    is there easy and FAST way to root (I don't know how to ROOT the Android).

    If there is a better way, I'll get this product ASAP!!

    Please advise.


    1. Hello,

      SPYERA can be installed on any Android model that running on compatible OS version.
      Please check the compatibility page for supported OS versions.

      You can install it on rooted and also not-rooted phones.
      However we recommend rooted as some features will not work on not-rooted phones.

      Please follow the method below to find features that need root permission
      1- Go to spyera.com
      2- Click Android on the top menu
      3- Check features. Features that need Rooted Android phone has a note "Root Permission Required" on the next of the feature.

      We can't directly support the rooting process, or any other 3rd party software which we do not author, but you can look at google for general information about rooting utilities.

      If you want to see tutorials for your phone specifically please google it as "Your Phone model + how to root"
      I found this for you when I typed How to root Samsung Galaxy Note, version 5.0: https://autoroot.chainfire.eu

      Please try rooting it to see if that is successful first. If so, then you could try purchase and complete installing SPYERA afterwards.

      SPYERA is completely invisible everywhere on the phone. The program does not show up either in the download list (the file is automatically deleted when hidden), in the main program manager list, or even as a running process (by any name).

      Please note that only the target phone receives the software. It does not matter what model the monitor phone is, or what network the Monitor phone uses. This can be anything at any time, or not used at all. Only the Target phone matters.


  3. I received the how to install email. I want to install on the galaxys s5 version 5.0 can you help get this program installed and working thank you so much

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