Update – v2.3.5 for Android

SPYERA has released an update to Android cell phone tracker App  and Android tablet tracker App version 2.3.5 available now for customer download. This update is FREE for customers with valid subscription.

What’s New?

  • RemCam (Remote Camera) feature will capture one photo from the back/main camera and one photo from the front camera at the same time.
  • Improved software running mode on Android version 4.3 (Eg. Current users running software on Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 on Android version 4.3 in Limited 1 mode should be able to get Full mode after reinstallation)
  • Implemented Auto Update for Android running on Limited 1 and Full modes
      Note: Auto Update will work on software version 2.3.5 and above. For any user running software version 2.2.5 and below, software needs to be manually deactivated, uninstalled and reinstalled to get 2.3.5 first.
  • Support Sticker Capture on BBM
  • Support Location Capture on BBM
  • Support Video Capture on Facebook

What’s Changed?

  • Changed the start-up version for Android Compatibility from 2.2 to 2.3
  • Added “Restart Now” button to the Installation UI

What’s fixed?

  • Cannot capture Video on WhatsApp fixed
  • Cannot capture outgoing Video on Skype fixed
  • Cannot capture shared Voice Note on WhatsApp fixed


  • Do not support Call Recording on Galaxy Note 1
  • Support only Google Chrome browser on Galaxy S4 for Bookmark and Web Tracking features
  • Does not support Email sent/received through “Mail” application. Only support “Gmail” at this time
  • Does not support RemCam feature on Nexus7 in Normal mode
  • Does not support software in Full mode on any Samsung running on Android version 4.4.x. Live Room Bugging, Live Call Intercept and Remote SMS Command will not work in this case.

Additional note:

  • Performance issue has been found on Samsung Captivate 2.3.4./ Sony Ray 2.3.4.
  • Supported BBM up to version
  • Supported Facebook up to version
  • Supported Facebook Messenger up to version
  • Supported Line up to version 4.5.0
  • Supported WhatsApp up to version 2.11.238
  • Supported Skype up to version
  • Supported Viber up to version
  • Supported WeChat up to version


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