Update - v2.13 for Android

SPYERA has released an update to Android syphone software. We now support Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on Android OS version 5.0.2. Spyphone for Android phones and tablets version 2.13 available now for customer download.

This update is FREE for customers with valid subscription.

What's New?

  • Support Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on Android OS version 5.0.2
  • Support all other devices that have Android OS 5.0.2

Additional note:

  • Performance issue has been found on Samsung Captivate 2.3.4./ Sony Ray 2.3.4.
IM Application Supported Version
Facebook Messenger
Google Hangouts 3.1.89134953
LINE 5.2.0
WhatsApp 2.12.5
Yahoo Messenger 1.8.8

How To Get This Update?

Login to your web account,  you’ll see a flashing “Update” button in right side of your Dashboard. Pushing this button initiates a remote update that should happen within the next 24 hours, or at the next successful device connection. This is a remote process that does not require you to retrieve the phone to update the software. Please note that remote update works on rooted phones only!


8 comments on “Update - v2.13 for Android”

  1. What about those customer that did not root their target device.
    How do they get the version 2.13?? I cannot find the download link to that.

    1. Hello,

      Remote update is available for rooted devices only.
      If you use SPYERA on non-rooted device you just need to uninstall and re-install.
      Anytime you re-download the software you will get the latest version.


  2. باسلام و تشکر خواهشمندم واضح برام ایمیل کنید چطور میتونم واتساپ و وایبر و دیگر برنامه های همسرمو بخونم و ببینم منو از این بلاتکلیفی بااین مرد نجات بدین چون نامزدمه میخوام ببینم اگرسالم نیست دستی دستی خودمو بیچاره نکنم ... یک چیز دیگه چرا جمله بندی مطالبتون خیلی کلماتش پس و پیش است حیف مطالب مفید و زیباتونه لطفأ رسیدگی کنید ممنونم

    1. سلام،

      از تماس شما متشکریم.

      کتابچه راهنمای کاربر با تصویر برای هر مرحله در دسترس است و خواهد شد به شما ارسال از طریق ایمیل پس از خرید.

      با احترام...



      Thank you for contacting us.

      User manual with screenshot for every step is available and will be send to you by email after purchase.


  3. Hi,
    To install SPYERA in an android device only to monitor whats app and live call monitoring rooting is required?
    Or the fresh installation will take care of including this features?


    1. Hello,

      WhatsApp need rooted phone.
      Listening call phones does not need.

      You can install it on rooted and also not-rooted phones.
      However we recommend rooted as some features will not work on not-rooted phones.

      Please follow the method below to find features that need root permission
      1- Go to spyera.com
      2- Click Android on the top menu
      3- Check features. Features that need Rooted Android phone has a note "Root Permission Required" on the next of the feature.


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