Update for Android

Update – Non-Rooted Android v4.6.5

We are excited to share with you these recent updates and improvements on our Non-Rooted Android version.

This update brings improvements and stability. We are committed to continually expanding our Android OS coverage, and we look forward to announcing more new improvement coming soon.

What’s Changed?

  • Fixed issue affecting Call Recording for non-rooted Android 10 devices
  • Improved Call Recording for non-root devices on Android 9 or above
  • Improved activation logic
  • Fixed activation issue affecting certain devices

How to Update Remotely?

Rooted devices normal gets update remotely without access to the target device. But non-rooted devices has to be done manually by accessing to the target device.

If you are using SPYERA on the non-rooted Android phone, you may need to uninstall and re-install to get the latest version.  User manual for Uninstallation is available on your web account in the HELP section.


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