What is Spycall?

May 11, 2012

Calling discreetly to listen to the surroundings (conversations in the room or etc.) is called a Spy call (Ambient listening), and is available with the SPYERA. A spy call is listening phone's surroundings (conversations in the room, etc.), but not the actual phone calls.

You need to define your own phone number as a monitoring phone number to be able to use Spy call.

Once you set your number if call the target phone from your pre-defined phone the target device will open the microphone on the Spyera-installed smartphone and you will be able to listen to the surroundings (All networks are supported).

This feature can be individually turned on or off at any time, by secret (hidden) remote SMS commands, or one click on your web account. Any phone can be the Monitor phone whenever you need it to be, as long as you send the right SMS command to change it. So if you want to make a normal call from the same phone you normally use as the Monitor, all you need to do is send the command to turn off SpyCall and Intercept Call. Turn it back on whenever you wish.

How to define a monitoring number?

There are two ways to set your monitoring number on SPYERA

  1. By SMS command. Please check your user manual for details
  2. On your web account. Please click Bugging Controls -> Click Set Monitor Number

Your number must be in international format to make sure it is matching with the defined number.

Please check this example
You defined your number in software like this

But when you make calls to target your number appears like this

So the result is the number does not match and the software cannot understand if the call coming from you.

The best way to learn your number in international format is by sending a text message to yourself. Then check the sender.

Do not block Caller ID when making a Spy Call from your predefined Monitor number, or SPYERA will not know when to answer a Spy Call. Also, calls through a PBX, calling cards, Skype and other VOIP Internet clients, etc. usually will not work. This is because the Caller ID is either unavailable or unpredictable. SPYERA can’t make a match with the predefined Monitor number unless the Caller ID is both available and reliable.

*Note: SpyCall and Intercept Call are otherwise normal network phone calls to target, which SPYERA automatically answers without ringing or vibrating, without showing any Caller ID and without keeping any records in the call logs. Please mute the mic from your Monitor phone to avoid possible detection.

Spy call work in all countries on all networks.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

2 comments on “What is Spycall?”

  1. On the target phone once the software is activated and the user installs antivirus and it shuts it down how can I enable the software to start working again?

    1. Hello,

      We appreciate your interest in our products; you've come to the right place for the best Spy app on the market!

      SPYERA is completely hidden, works in background totally invisible and cannot be detect.
      Unlike competitor SPYERA does not list app name under any name on phone menu, apps list, task manager etc. SPERA also cannot be detect by anti-virus software.

      We are changing the method of SPYERA daily, and it will not be detected by any anti-virus or security apps. Most mobile security apps, are 'amateur-ware', and it does not update any kind of signature definition, and I don't think there are any significant resources behind them. What this means is that beyond the 15 mins of fame, security apps will never be able to guarantee detection of SPYERA. We have team of security app specialists who download and analyse most popular security apps daily. Can they claim the same? They would have to purchase daily copies of SPYERA to have a chance.

      If you disable SPYERA for any reason you can always re-enable it remotely on your control panel or by using hidden SMS commands.


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