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December 8, 2012

SPYERA is a phone spy application you can secretly install on a mobile phone. It allows you almost total control over the device. SPYERA is targeted at at-risk youths; those who may have problems with alcohol, or drugs, or kids that may be engaging in relationships or questionable sexual activities. SPYERA is the best monitoring software to protect your family.

What Activities SPYERA can Capture?

SPYERA allows the parent or guardian to monitor; all incoming and outgoing emails, SMS messages, IM, and call logs, and use GPS to track the phone (are they where they say they are?). It allows you the features to turn the phone on like a microphone (so you can listen to the surroundings) and listen to live calls in progress.

See the full SPYERA features list Android Phones - Android Tablets - iPhone - iPad - Blackberry - Symbian

Why You Should use SPYERA to Protect Your Family?

If you have a child that may be sexually active, into drugs, or just not making wise choices a gift of a new phone with SPYERA discreetly installed might just make the difference. What kid wouldn't want a free phone and you can instantly start to log all activity? The names of their friends, email messages, SMS texts, you can listen to conversations. Use the phone like a microphone to hear their surroundings and you can even pinpoint their location using GPS tracking.

No more 'I'm staying at Elizabeth's house' when they're really at Mike's house.

We specifically target rehabilitation venues as we strongly believe our product can make a difference from someone slipping back into negative routines. Children are still growing and gaining real-world life experience, even if they think that their parents are the LAST people on the planet that give them advice (or at least the last people they will listen to) parents are more often than not EXACTLY the right people to help, watch out for, and guide them.

Some parents obviously feel that installing ‘snooping software on their children's phones is not ethical, and that choice is up to you - but in the positive emails, we've received where parents have caught and were able to intervene in negative or possibly dangerous behaviour. Well, we feel like it is just one more tool that if used with the right intention can go far in protecting kids when they need it most. It’s really not all that different from those parents from past generations going through our drawers or closet looking for drugs, letters, or other trouble signs.

Why SPYERA is the BEST Software to Protect Your Family?

SPYERA is hidden software, once installed on your phone it is invisible. You control the phone through invisible SMS messages (commands) and you can view all the data on your computer. So no one will have to know the software is running. This is professional-level software for protecting your family, so no matter how computer literate your child may be - they will NOT be able to disable our software.

3 comments on “Protect Your Family”

  1. I wanted to have this software in India to monitor my son. He is using the Vodafone network in India.
    Is it possible that I can use this software in India?
    Do I really need to install this software on his mobile?
    He is using the iPhone 6.

    Need to know his activities. Kindly revert back.
    I wanted to have control over incoming calls, outgoing calls & what app messages.


  2. Si el usuario del teléfono desactiva su ubicación por GPS, Spyera puede seguir detectando la ubicación del dispositivo?

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