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If you're reading this I can pretty much guarantee that at some point or another you've put your ear to a wall to hear what's going on in another room. That's just human curiosity combined with the human limitation of;

1) Not being able to be in two places at once

2) Being visible.

Nowadays people take their Android smartphones or their iPhones with them everywhere they go. But have you ever wished you could spy on someone else’s audio memos on their iPhone or Android smartphone so you can see exactly what they have been up to?

How Does Listening Environment Work?

Our environment listening features overcomes both of those obstacles. Once you've installed our spy phone software on the phone you can send a hidden message which will turn the phone on without any outward sign (the lights stay off, no ringtones, signal, or history) and you can effectively turn the phone into a microphone.

The possibilities are limitless, and of course, so are the cases of abuse, so please check your local and regional laws for this type of surveillance.

When you think about it there are actually many legitimate reasons to do this.

  • Parents monitoring their children
  • Employers monitoring their staff

How Sensitive Environmental Listening Is?

How much you will hear will depend on the phone's location, is it in a quiet office, in someone's pocket on the street, maybe in a purse or bag, or by the bed? Most smartphones have incredibly sensitive microphones, often distant sounds (like a neighbour's dog barking, or a TV in another room) will be caught and magnified on your smartphone. As long as the phone is in a reasonable location you should be able to hear exactly what is being said in a room.

What do they really think about you, what are they saying behind your back, what's going on in the meeting, what is s/he doing at 3 am, are they home like they said or are they out at a club, what does she say about you to her girlfriends, or what does he say about you when he's talking with his buddies?

You can even leave your phone in a specific location to pick up on sounds, when the time is right you switch on the environmental listening device, and then turn it off when you're done. It takes up no additional battery usage; it's just like making a call.

Across an office, in the next room, around the world - our environmental listening feature works for you.

How Does it Work?


  1. You need to access their Smartphone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian) in your hand.
  2. SPYERA license you have purchased from spyera.com
  3. 3 – 4 minutes of your time (depending on the make/model of their smartphone)
  4. Install SPYERA onto their SmartPhone and activate it.


  1. Log into your SPYERA web account.
  2. Click Remote Control. Define a number to be used for monitoring. Your own phone number or a separate number for monitoring the target.


Now you have two methods for Listening Environment.

  1. Start recording - SPYERA will record sound and upload it to your web account. You can listen to or download sound files anytime.
  2. Make a hidden phone call to the target phone and listen phone's surrounding in real-time.

How Can I Get the Environmental Listening Feature?

The Listening Environment feature is available on SPYERA Phone and Tablet versions. It is compatible with any Android Spy App phone, Blackberry Spy App, iPhone Spy App, iPad Spy App and Symbian Spy App devices.

13 comments on “Listening Environment”

  1. Hello, I'm looking to turn my own iPhone into a recording device which can record all environmental sound (say from 8am-midnight) and store it online for approx 30 days. I want to do this so I can keep a log of what is said in meetings etc and be able to log into an account and review what was said. Is this something I can do with this software please?

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you can use SPYERA to record ambient sound. SPYERA will upload recorded sound automatically to your web account.


  2. Hello there
    I would love to know does the app needs root access? and does it appear on the application installed list? and how about VOIP recording (Skype)?


  3. hola. necesito saber si funciona en argentina, cuanto es el costo de la app obviamente en pesos argentinos, y si al descargarla la misma puedo instalarla en modo oculto. gracias

  4. Salve vorrei sapere dettagli sulla registrazione ambientale. Per dare il comando il cellulare di destinazione deve essere connesso ad internet? Quanto è la durata massima di registrazione?

    1. Ciao,

      L'ascolto ambientale sta ascoltando l'ambiente del telefono (conversazioni in camera, ecc.), Ma non le chiamate effettive.

      Ci sono due modi per ascoltare l'ambiente del telefono.

      1- Registrare il suono circostante da caricare sul tuo account web
      2- Effettuare una normale chiamata dal tuo numero di monitoraggio (numero predefinito) al telefono di destinazione

      Il metodo 1 richiede una connessione Internet solo per il caricamento. Ogni file è limitato a 60 minuti ma è possibile registrare più volte.
      Il metodo 2 non necessita di alcuna connessione a Internet. Questo non ha alcun limite.



      Ambient listening is listening phone's surroundings (conversations in the room, etc.), but not the actual phone calls.

      There are two ways to listen phone's surroundings.

      1- Record surrounding sound to be uploaded on your web account
      2- Make a regular phone call from your monitoring number (pre-defined number) to target phone

      Method 1 need internet connection only for uploading. Each file has limited to 60 minutes but you can record multiple times.
      Method 2 does not need internet connection at all. This does not have any limit.


    1. Hola,

      Sí tu puedes.

      Por favor, consulte la página de características para ver todas las funciones disponibles.



      Yes, you can.

      Please check features page for all available features.


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