How to Jailbreak iOS 13.5 Windows

How To Jailbreak iOS 13.X – Windows

Here’s a guide on how to jailbreak iOS 13.x using the Unc0ver jailbreaking tool on a compatible iPhone, iPad by using a Windows PC

Windows Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13 : Things to Know

  • The Unc0ver jailbreak tool requires you to have access to a PC.
  • A cable to connect your iPhone to your PC
  • This supports all iPhones & iPads Running iOS 11 – 13.5

How to Jailbreak iOS 11 – 13.X on iPhone and iPad Using Unc0ver with Windows

  1. On your computer click the link below to download the jailbreaking tool.
  2. After downloaded, run the tool.
    Start the installation by pressing Install This should take approximately a minute.
    Click install to start
  3. Click Launch
    Start Jailbreaking toll by cliking launch button
  4. You may be asked to install the necessary components. (If you don’t see this warning, skip to step 10) 

    Dismiss this warning as we will install the components in a faster manner in the next step
    Dismiss necessary components
  5. Click Repair Driver
    Jailbreak repair driver
  6. Click Repair Now
    click repair now
  7. If successful, you will see the message in the screenshot below.
    Replug your iPhone as instructed then click confirm right now
    click confirm right now
  8. You’ll now be presented with your device details!
    Click Flash & JB
    flash and jailbreak
  9. Click Jailbreak then Run Jailbreak
    click jailbreak then run jailbreak
  10. When complete, you will see the Unc0ver icon on your phone
    uncover on the phone
  11. Next, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Then tap the Developer App and Tap Trust
  12. Tap Jailbreak
    tap jailbreak
  13. Midway through the jailbreak, this ad will appear.
    Click the X to dismiss and continue the jailbreak
  14. Once the jailbreak is complete, the phone will restart.
    You will know that the jailbreak was successful if you see the Cydia icon on the device.
    If you do not see the Cydia icon, you need to run Unc0ver again
    cydia on the phone
  15. The jailbreak is now complete and you’re ready to install SPYERA!
    SPYERA can hide its own icon, as well as the both, uncover and Cydia icons.


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