Body Language of the Abused Child

Human beings are emotional and biological creatures. They cannot live like robots and they cannot give the same reactions all the time. Their emotions and reactions change according to the situations. Even if they try to control themselves they cannot achieve it. Their facial expressions, hand movements, eye movements, postures, gestures, intonation, word choices, and even blood pressure change when they face an unexpected situation.

There are numerous ways to analyze children's behavior, but it is difficult to learn those ways in a short time. So, how can we understand children in a better way in a short time and detect abuse and bullying? There is one specific way to understand kids much better. It is symmetry and asymmetry in our body.

Reading Children

When you do your daily routines, your brain and muscles get used to giving the same reactions. All the reactions of your body would be normal and you would not feel uncomfortable when doing them. However; if you have just started something new, faced with an unexpected situation, or faced with your fear about anything, your brain system gives some alerts deep inside and you will feel it in your whole body. For example; If someone asks you a question which you don’t want to talk about and tries to detect your lie, you will be anxious and nervous. When you have those feelings you will try to hide your emotions and seem to be relaxed, yet it is not the case.

First of all; your blood pressure will go up, you will not decide where to put your hand, your eye contact will change, and overall; you will lose your normal appearance which means you will not have the same symmetry in your body which you have normally.

When you see someone who is not behaving normal or doesn’t have the same symmetry in his/her body such as; the same smiling, intonation, word choice, eye contact, etc. you can make sure that he/she is hiding something, covering something or not comfortable with the current situation. If you monitor or track them somehow you will see the reality behind the asymmetrical body language.

Child victims of abuse

Child victims of abuse are not always capable of relating what has happened to them. Social workers, CPS investigators, and other professionals who provide services to children may try many methods of eliciting a verbal response, but without success. Another way to understand children is by paying attention to what they communicate nonverbally by assessing and interpreting their body language. Children who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect will exhibit behaviors and mannerisms that indicate this trauma to the trained observer. Children may:

  • Appear passive, submissive, and vulnerable or be very aggressive and defiant, or display an alternating combination of the two
  • Present a blank emotionless face with vacant eyes or be constantly on the lookout for possible danger
  • Protect their genitals or rub them for comfort
  • Show signs of self-comforting: rubbing hands or upper arms, stroking the face
  • Flinch when touched or back off from others when approached; need a lot of personal space or none (indiscriminately friendly)

The author provides guidance in all aspects of body language interpretation, from identifying when a child is lying, to understanding the postures and gestures demonstrated by children who have been abused. 

How SPYERA Helps

Install SPYERA on your child's Phone, Tablet, or computer.
Unlike other spy apps, SPYERA does not restrict your child's communication or internet usage. It only secretly records the activities done. These records categorically and historically present in a report. By checking these reports, you will soon find out whether your child has been abused or bullied.

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