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Nowadays people take their smartphones with them everywhere they go. Have you ever wished you could track someone’s GPS location on an Android, iPhone or any smartphone? When you think about it there are actually many legitimate reasons to do this. Use SPYERA mobile location tracking systems to know the exact location of the phone in real time.

Reasons for using Mobile Location Tracking Systems

  • Parents monitoring their children
  • Employers monitoring their staff
  • Uncovering infidelity in a relationship

How Mobile Location Tracking Systems Works?

Know the exact location of the phone in real time. SPYERA is the most powerful mobile phone location tracking system. We use GPS positioning system to track the phone. It collect every location in real time then save logs in hidden internal memory. SPYERA use automatically and hidden internet connection to deliver all collected tracking logs to your secure web account. You can easily login to your web account and check uploaded logs. All tracking logs are linked to google map. You can also animate the target phone tracking history.

  • There is no need to waste time messing around with Bluetooth.
  • You do not need to be a certain distance from their smartphone.
  • It cannot be done with just their phone number or IMEI number.

If you have made sure all of the SPYERA requirements listed have been met then you are ready to start finding other people’s GPS location.

Using GPS requires that the device whose location you wish to track must have special hardware. For devices that do have GPS hardware, or user turned location services OFF, SPYERA use Wifi signal to get estimated positioning. So you only need install SPYERA. Get target user’s smartphone physically in your hand. Make sure it is one that SPYERA supports. Please check compatibility page for official supported OS list.

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  1. ghanshyam

    do we have to install spyera in both phone?
    if device gps & wifi is off can we find from mobile data ..?
    from phone we can locate phone?

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