Update – iPhone & iPad

SPYERA has released an update to SPYERA for iPhone and iPad, version 1.8.2, available now for customer download.

This update is FREE for existing customers.

What’s New?

  • Supported Facebook up to version 6.7.2
  • Supported Facebook Messenger up to version 3.0.1
  • Supported Line up to version 3.9.3
  • Supported Viber up to version 4.0.2801
  • Supported WeChat up to version
  • Supported Skype up to version 4.13.428
  • Supported VOIP event:
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Messenger
    • WeChat
    • Viber
    • Line
  • Implemented a new function inside Control Center to choose the connection type between Wifi and any connection available on the device.
  • Implemented a new system to verify compatibility between IM client and software version. If there is any IM update on the device and it’s not yet supported by the software, the software will temporarily disable this feature.
  • Implemented Auto Update function. If you are using Spyera version 1.7.4, there will be an option inside the dashboard to remotely update version of the software from 1.7.4 to the latest one when the device next connects to the server without having to reinstall software on it.

What’s Changed?

  • Spyera improved stability spy application for iPhone and iPad in general.

What’s fixed?

  • Fixed the duplication of outgoing image sent through Skype version 4.13.427

How to update?

Remotely update is available for customer using version 1.7.4. All customer using previous version need to have physical access to target phone.  All installations including reinstallations and software updates must be performed directly from the Target phone itself, and cannot be done remotely.

Download your existing logs if you need.


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