Blackberry Keylogger

December 10, 2013

SPYERA mobile phone monitoring software for Blackberry has Blackberry keylogger feature.

Blackberry keylogger captures all activities on Blackberry phones. It records logs in hidden, internal phone memory and upload logs to your secure web account. You can set the uploading interval from every 1 hour to 24 hours. Blackberry Spy Software captures BBM even if the user did not set save history. We are the only company who has the feature for tracking BBM logs without set "Save History" settings.

SPYERA is the most powerful Blackberry cell phone monitoring software. It is capable to capture BBM chat logs, Emails, PIN Chat logs, SMS and call logs. SPYERA for Blackberry also captures every photo was taken, videos, sound files on the Blackberry device. Click here to go SPYERA Features page to see all available features for Blackberry devices.

SPYERA is the most powerful Blackberry spy phone app. Blackberry spy software gives the unique ability to secretly listen in to both sides of a live call.

  • Listen to their phone calls
  • Turn their phone into a microphone
  • Track their location
  • View their text messages
  • Read their e-mail

Click here to see all available Blackberry Spy App feature list

How to get Blackberry Keylogger

Blackberry Keylogger feature is available on SPYERA Phone version. SPYERA Phone version is cross-platform compatible cell phone tracking software for smartphones. It means if you buy Spyera for Blackberry, you can also install it on Android, or any other platform. There are 3 subscription options, 3 Months - 6 Months and 12 Months. After purchase we delivery you license key, download URL and your web account login details to your email. Installation is very easy, normally take less than 2 minutes.

Upcoming Features for Blackberry Keylogger

We are currently working on WhatsApp and Facebook chat. (This features already available on iPhone and Android.) Blackberry Keylogger will be able to capture WhatsApp and Facebook chat. Visited web site and entered password also are features on our to-do list.

15 comments on “Blackberry Keylogger”

  1. Excellent spy app ! I have looking for this. I am very happy that I finally found you.
    Very good user interface. Tons of features. Very response support. Thanks.

  2. is your product work with the blackberry 8830 world addition
    I seam to have issues downloading apps to this phone it says... application requires the following module which is not installed

    will you app work?

    1. Hello,

      SPYERA is compatible with Blackberry 8830 and it does not need any additional application.


  3. Hello,

    What about Capturing WhatsApp and Line. Have you include these feature for Blackberry? Both Apps are widely use and its important to include these features. I am really waiting for these features to be included. Perhaps you have some projection plan when they are going to be included.

    Thx and regards

    1. Hello,

      WhatsApp will be available on next Blackberry update, but we still need to work more for capturing LINE on BB.
      Next update for BB should be available soon with some new features and compatibility for Blackberry OS 10.


      1. Do you have an estimated date for when the update is coming that will allow for Blackberry OS 10 compatibility?

        1. Hello,

          We appreciate your interest in our products; you've come to the right place for the best monitoring software on the market!

          We've made it VERY easy for you to immediately find out exactly what model supported and also technical requirements such as Jailbreak, Root, Operating Systems, OS versions...

          The ONLY official list of all these information and supported models can be found at

          SPYERA works in all countries and on all networks.


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