Do not upgrade to iOS 7 yet

As you may know Apple released iOS 7 with great new features, but to keep SPYERA working, we recommend you not to update your current iOS version (that SPYERA works on) to iOS 7 as iOS 7 still cannot be jailbroken.

Why I Should Not Upgrade to iOS 7 yet?

SPYERA is a great software that allows you to track various mobile devices (see the supported devices list) including iPhone and iPad. To install SPYERA, the iPhone/iPad must be jailbroken, and as iOS 7 is a very new version of Apple’s operating system, it still cannot be jailbroken, which means it is not possible to install SPYERA on iOS 7 for now.

If you upgrade the jailbroken version of iOS to iOS 7, SPYERA will stop working and will not be able to re-install. So, if you want to keep tracking the target phone, please do not upgrade its version to iOS 7 yet. As soon as jailbreak tools became available for iOS 7 we will test SPYERA and release an update.

Will SPYERA Works On iOS 7 ?

SPYERA is almost ready to go with new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The only reason you should not upgrade to iOS 7 is just because there is no any jailbreak available yet. Once the tool for jailbreak became available SPYERA will work with iOS7 on all iPhone and iPad models including new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Please keep visiting our website for updates about iOS 7.


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  1. Buenas noches! Cuando sale la actualización para ios 7.0.6. Por qué todavía no he podido instalar el software en el iPhone 5s

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