Update - v2.32 for Android

February 20, 2018

SPYERA v2.32 for Android has been released and is now available for you to update remotely, or download for new installation. This update is FREE for customers with valid subscription. Please find details of this update below:

What's new?

  • Support VoIP Call Recording on Android OS 7.x
  • Support new feature "Search by Services" on Viber
  • Update Call Record feature and add new audio recording source "Native X" for all devices
  • Improve Call Log Tracking method
  • Improve Ambient Recording feature for normal mode/non-rooted device

What's fixed?

  • Rebooting device causes running mode of the software changed on some device
  • Low sound volume on another side from Native X Call Recording source
  • Client is captured chat events in one direction on Facebook Messenger version
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event on LINE version 7.15.2
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event from Group call on Facebook version
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event on Skype version
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event on Viber version
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event on Facebook Messenger version
  • Does not capture VoIP Call Recording event on Skype version
  • All chat events are captured and reported as one direction on Facebook Messenger version
  • Does not support Call Recording on Sony XA Xperia OS 6.0
  • Does not capture IMs group chat event on QQ International version 5.2.1
  • Call Log Tracking does not work on some device
  • Software is not configured correctly on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Supported IM Apps and Version:

IM ApplicationSupported Version
Facebook Messenger152.
Google Hangouts24.0.182154523
Hike Messenger5.4.15
Instagram (Direct Message)
KIK Messenger12.3.0.19736
QQ Messenger6.6.7
Yahoo Messenger2.6.0

How To Get This Update?

Login to your web account,  you’ll see a flashing “Update” button in right side of your Dashboard. Pushing this button initiates a remote update that should happen within the next 24 hours, or at the next successful device connection. This is a remote process that does not require you to retrieve the phone to update the software. Please note that remote update works on rooted Android phones only! If you are using SPYERA on not-rooted Android phone, you need to uninstall and re-install to get the latest version.  User manual for Uninstallation is available on your web account in HELP section.

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