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SPYERA works on Android phones and Tablets, iPhones and iPad, MAC, and Windows computers. On the top menu, please click the device platform that you will spy on and check compatibility details. Click here to see updated compatibility details.



If the target uses devices that run iOS, such as iPhone or iPad, you must jailbreak the target to install SPYERA. This is due to Apple’s App Store policy. Jailbreaking is bypassing several types of Apple prohibitions for the end user.

Jailbreak is required for iOS devices only! If your target device is an Android, then this is not related to you at all.

Please note that SPYERA can hide Cydia (Jailbreak) icon, and the target will not know it is jailbroken.


However, some features need root permission if the target is an Android device.

Please follow the method below to find features that need root permission.

2- Check features. Features that need a Rooted Android phone have a note “Root Permission Required” on the next of the feature.


“ Root”仅与Android设备相关。


SPYERA is planned for all smartphones and any OS version. We keep updating SPYERA for new OS versions. Customers get the latest updates for FREE.


SPYERA is a spy app you download into the phone, tablet or computer you want to spy on.

SPYERA spy app collects all available data and sends it to your secure web account. It sends the data using the target device’s Internet connection, 3G, 4G, 5G or Wifi.

The spy app also records phone calls, and uploads recorded files to your web account. If the recording feature is unavailable on the target phone, SPYERA sends you a notification for calls that started on the target phone, letting you secretly join live calls.

SPYERA silently switches ON the phone’s microphone so you can hear the surroundings. SPYERA works hidden in the background.

What's the difference between SmartPhone, Tablet and Computer versions?


SPYERA Tablet works on any compatible tablet, such as Android Tablets and iPad, and the Computer version works on MAC and Windows computers. SPYERA SmartPhone works on any compatible Smartphone, such as Android or iPhone.

我可以从SPYERA Tablet升级到SPYERA SmartPhone吗?

Yes, you can. But your subscription expiry date will remain unchanged.

So if you have six months left and you upgrade, you will still only have six months. To get an upgrade, contact live chat or support[at]spyera.com, stating your email and license key.



SMS, Emails, IM messages, Address books etc., will always be displayed correctly on your secure web account.

Why is SPYERA subscription-based?

SPYERA has a web account where you can store and search for your information. 

This gives you the convenience of 24/7 access to your data at virtually no cost. SPYERA has to maintain these servers and provide top-quality live chat and email support, which come with a price. 

We, therefore, ask our customers to renew their licenses, so we can continue to deliver a quality service. And don’t forget that you can move your software using your Activation Code to other compatible phones unlimited times during your subscription period.



Then re-install and activate it on the new device. You can uninstall and deactivate it on our web account when the device gets lost, or you have no access to it anymore.

What happens after the subscription months are over?

You may choose to renew the subscription, but there is no obligation.

You will keep using SPYERA without a new installation if you renew your account.

Otherwise, SPYERA will be deleted remotely after three days.

I purchased SPYERA, but I did not receive it.

The usual cause is that your confirmation email was wrongly identified as Junk/Spam mail or entered the wrong email during the order.

Please check your junk mail folder; you should find the email there. 

If you cannot get your welcome email or mistyped it during the order, please get in touch with [email protected] or Live Chat and ask them to re-deliver your software to your address.


We want you to feel secure about doing business with SPYERA, as without our customers, we are nothing. 

Therefore, if, for any reason, up to 10 days after the product purchase, you decide that you do not want the product, deactivate it, uninstall and tell us why we did not manage to keep your business. We will refund your money in full. 

During this time, please get in touch with the support team by email, and we will do everything we can to help, but if you are not delighted with our product, you will be with our customer service.


SPYERA不仅限于任何国家,而且是全球性的。它适用于任何网络,任何国家。 SPYERA支持所有语言。


SPYERA需要设备上的Internet连接正常。如果您可以通过手机连接到网站,则说明您已经具有Internet连接,并且您的手机已经配置完毕,不需要进行任何其他更改。 SPYERA已下载直接下载到您的手机中。不需要计算机或电缆。










No. You need to have the target device physically in your hand for about 3-5 minutes. Installation is simple. You simply open up a web page on the target device and enter your download URL. Download beings automatically. The download takes 20-40 seconds depending on your internet speed. Once the download is completed, you need to follow the installation steps.




Yes. If you have a multi-user license, you can install SPYERA on multiple devices and have all the device activity recorded into a single account. Please contact support[at] spyera.com for details.


SPYERA is installed on the phone, not the SIM card. There is nothing related to the sim card.







You set a phone number as a monitor number in SPYERA. When a call comes into SPYERA installed phone from a predefined number, the microphone will secretly switch on and you will be able to hear whatever the phone hears.


You set the time period to be recorded on your web account or by SMS command. SPYERA will start to record ambient sound once it receives your request from the web account or SMS command. Then SPYERA will upload the sound file to your web account. You can listen to your web account.


Yes, SPYERA has a call interception feature for listening to phone conversations in real-time. You need to set your monitoring phone number. SPYERA will send you an SMS notification to inform you that the phone call started. Then when you place a call from your pre-defined number to the target phone number you will join to phone calls secretly.






SPYERA contains SIM ALERT technology. When the SIM card is changed in a phone that has SPYERA installed, it will send an SMS to the pre-defined number containing the phone number, cell ID, SIM number, and network Name. You can then use the SPYERA feature to activate the mobile to listen to the environment and also to use their phone number to track them down.


The phone with SPYERA on it is the target phone. The phone you make spy calls from is the monitor phone. When you call the target phone from the monitor phone, the target phone will answer the call, letting you listen to the phone's surroundings. If the phone is busy or a key is pressed, the spy call will be disconnected, and the target will be none the wiser.


Immediately after the installation ( takes 5 min) all the SPYERA features can be controlled by sending undetectable SMS commands. You can start, stop, and change all the Spyera settings without ever touching the phone! For example, you can even change the monitor number remotely, or force the immediate sending of all events. There is no need to touch the phone again, for any non-installation-related feature. The only time you may need to access the phone is if the SIM is changed to a different network provider, and we are already working on fixing that for you also.


SPYERA transmits data using an internet connection to the server. The amount of data depends on the number of phone events it is reporting. The data cost is determined by your network operator. As an example, if SPYERA reports 50 full-length SMS, this would be around 2K of data, which would cost about a UK penny, even at the extortionate prices being charged by operators at the moment. If you have an Internet bundle, then there are no extra costs to you. Also, on the phone bill, there is only a change for the amount of data usage, there is no way to tell where the connection was made, so SPYERA cannot be detected this way. Unlike our competitors, who use SMS forwarding, the outgoing SMS is visible on the phone bill.



You will receive renewal notification by email 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day before your account expire. This email has a unique renewal link for your account. You need to click your renewal link and complete the payment. Once you have purchased the renewal the software on the TARGET device will be remotely updated to reflect the renewal and your expiry date will be extended accordingly. You can also set auto renewal for your account.


If you wish to change your subscription plan please log in to the Billing system. On the Billing System click the subscription you want to change. Click the “Change Subscription” button and complete the payment.


No, if you renew your account before it expires, you do not need to reinstall it.





By default, no, but if you wish to make it visible, you need to turn the visibility option ON first.


Yes, we have a detailed user manual for uninstallation. The user manual for uninstallation is step-by-step and it has screenshots for each step.



是。如果您想推广我们的产品,我们有一个会员计划。请检查 会员关系 详细信息页面。


Yes, we do have a white-label version of SPYERA products. The reseller version does not contain and SPYERA brand. It is OEM. You can put your brand and sell it. Check the  转销商 详细信息页面。



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