Wie Jailbreak Ihr iPhone auf 10.2


iOS 10.2 können jetzt jailbroken und wir sind sehr glücklich sein zu verkünden, dass Sie jetzt SPYERA auf jedem jailbroken iOS-Gerät installieren und ausführen können iOS läuft 10.2!

Das erste, was Sie tun müssen, ist das iPhone / iPad Gerät jailbreaken. Jailbreaking iPhone means gaining access to thousands of tweaks and mods which greatly enhance the iOS experience, so this is great news for the power users out there. It also means that you can install SPYERA.

If you have a 64-bit iOS device and you’re running any version of iOS between iOS 10 und iOS 10.2, you’re probably in luck. Almost all devices that fall into this category can now be jailbroken.

These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone on iOS 10.2 using Yalu and Cydia Impactor.

Unterstützte Geräte

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPad Pro (all models), iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
  • IPod Touch (sixth generation)

Anforderungen vor Jailbreak iOS zu starten 10.2

  • Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Cydia Impactor installed
  • iTunes installed
  • Lightning-to-USB cable

Nun sind Sie bereit für Jailbreak iOS 10.2

  • Schritt 1 – Connect the iOS device (Device that you wish to install SPYERA) to your computer and download the yalu102 IPA file from this link
  • Schritt 2Download Cydia Impactor for Windows from Hier or for MAC from Hier. Launch Cydia Impactor program on your Windows computer. Cydia Impactor is to make sure it’s detecting your iOS device. Your device should automatically populate when Cydia Impactor is launched. If not, check your Lightning cable, then make sure your iOS device is unlocked and the screen is on.jailbreak-ios-10-10-1-10-2-your-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch
  • Schritt 3Click and drag the previously downloaded IPA into the Cydia Impactor window. Doing so will automatically begin the side-loading process. See the screenshots below.jailbreak-ios-10-10-1-10-2-your-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch.w1456

Before the IPA can be sent to your device, you’ll have to enter your iTunes email and password. Don’t worry, the process is completely safe and your information is only used to sign the IPA so that it can be installed on your iOS device.

  • Schritt 4 – When ready, go ahead and enter your Apple ID and password, then click onOK.
    After that, give Cydia Impactor a minute or two to sideload and install yalu102 onto your iOS device. When Cydia Impactor returns to the initial screen, that means yalu102 has been installed successfully.jailbreak-ios-10-10-1-10-2-your-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch.w1456-2Before using the yalu102 app to jailbreak, you’ll have to trust yourself as a developer as your device won’t run any sideloaded apps until you’ve done this.
  • Schritt 5Pick up your iOS device and head to the Settings app. From there, tap on “Allgemeines,” then scroll down and selectDevice Management.


  • Schritt 6You’ll see the email you used to sideload yalu102, so go ahead and select it. Nächster, tap on “Vertrauen (your email address),” then once you’ve done that, tap “Vertrauen” on the confirmation dialog.jailbreak-ios-10-10-1-10-2-your-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-trust
  • Schritt 7Return to the Home screen and launch the Yalu (yalu102) app. Drücken Sie die go button in the center of the screen. Drücken Sie die go button in the center of the screen.


Your iPhone will now reboot and you’ll have Cydia on your SpringBoard! Herzliche Glückwünsche, you’re jailbroken! Jetzt sind Sie bereit, SPYERA zu installieren. Bitte klicken Sie hier, um zu erkunden SPYERA für iPhone und hier zu erkunden SPYERA für iPad


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  1. Jose Moya

    Hasta que version se puede hacer el Jailbreak en el iPhone???

    1. SPYERA


      Este tutorial es para iOS 10.2 solo para los tutoriales más recientes, por favor haga clic aquí



      This tutorial is for iOS 10.2 only for the most recent tutorials please Klick hier


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