Wie auf Blackberry auszuspionieren

Blackberry Spyphone

Hier ist eine kurze Anleitung Ihnen zu zeigen, wie auf Blackberry-Telefon auszuspionieren, indem Sie SPYERA Spy Phone Software.

Was Sie brauchen, auf Blackberry auszuspionieren?

  1. Sie müssen das Ziel Blackberry in der Hand. Das Zielgerät es das Telefon Sie auszuspionieren wollen auf.
  2. SPYERA License
  3. 2-3 minutes of time

Download and Install

  1. Go to purchase page on Purchase your SPYERA license. You will receive your license and download url by email.
  2. Get the target Blackberry in hand. Open the Blackberry’s web browser. Enter the download URL.
  3. Download begins. Please wait for the download to complete.
  4. Click Install. Die Installation wird in getan werden 10-20 seconds.
  5. Enter your Spyera license and Click Activate.
  6. Activation begins. Please wait to fully activate the software.
  7. Herzliche Glückwünsche! You have successfully activated the software.
  8. Alles erledigt! You don’t need the phone anymore.

Track Blackberry Activities

  1. Login to your SPYERA web account by using your username and password.
  2. On your web account go to Control Center set your settings. Set upload interval, the logs you wish to be captures and enter your monitor phone number. Monitor phone number is your own number, the number you will get notifications etc.
  3. Wait a few hours for first Sync. User will start use Spyera installed Blackberry and Spyera will capture logs. First sync takes a few hours!
  4. Check your web account again to see logs comes from Blackberry

Call Interception

  1. Login to your web account and go to control center.
  2. Click Live Calls Control
  3. Select what number you would like to listen. You can set forall numbers”, “Number in Address book” “Number not in address book”, “Private Numbersor you can make your own custom list with specific phone numbers.
  4. Wait for target phone make or receive a phone call. You will get sms notification to your monitoring phone (The number you entered on control center in monitoring phone section).
  5. When you get SMS notification call target phone. You will join the phone conversation automatically.

Ambient Listening

  1. Login to your web account and go to control center. Click Ambient Listening and enabled this feature.
  2. Make a regular phone call from your own number to the target phone. Target phone will answer your call automatically without any evidence.
  3. Listen surrounding as much you want but don’t drain the battery! Be a professional and end the call if there is nothing interesting to be listened.

Track BBM Messages

  1. Login to your web account and go to control center.
  2. Click Application setting and enabled IM feature. Wait a few hours for first sync.
  3. Login to your web account again and click IM ->BBM to see chat logs comes from target Blackberry

There are many other features that can be enabled/disabled in same way described above.

Please click this link to see all available features of spy software for Blackberry

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