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Our policy has always been to answer all support request within 24 hours or less.

In efforts to improve our service level and response time, we ask that you submit all technical support queries by email or this form only.

This allows us to focus on your needs and respond to technical issues much quicker than live chat / Phone Call.

Please provide phone model, version number, and your activation code

Please follow the steps below to solve your login issues. 

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SOLUTION 1 - You might changed your login details and forget. If you are sure about your login details please reset your password on by clicking "forgot password".

SOLUTION 2 - If you are typing all details correctly but still getting this error please wait a few hours and try again as the issues may be caused by temporary server problems.

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SOLUTION 1 - You must enable cookies on your web browser. Safari cookies must be enable for "always".

SOLUTION 2 - Please use different browser. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

We have step by step user manuals with screenshots for each step. 

Please go to and use your username and password to login your web account.

Once you logged in, please click the HELP button on the LEFT menu.

Click Reference Manuals to access user manuals for installation.

Jailbreaking is required for all iPhone and iPad models in order to install SPYERA

Jailbreaking and Unlocking are two very different things. Unlocking is Not required either for jailbreaking or for installing SPYERA.

Jailbreaking tools vary depending on iOS and iPhone/iPad model. First, you will want to know the iOS version. This information can be found by selecting Settings -> General -> About. The iphone's iOS can be found next to "Version".

You can search online for numerous sites with tutorials that can assist you with jailbreak process, such as iClarified.

Please click here for our Jailbreak Tutorials

Please click here for iClarified Jailbreak Tutorials

You can install SPYERA on rooted and also not-rooted Android phones. A few features needs root. 

Please follow the method below to find features that need root permission

1- Go to

2- Click Android on the top menu

3- Check features. Features that need Rooted Android phone has a note "Root Permission Required" on the next of the feature.

Root is not require. However if you wish to root, you can look at google for general information about rooting utilities.

If you want to see tutorials for your phone specifically please google it as "Your Phone model + how to root"

SPYERA is compatible with variety of devices and operating system.

Due to the device limitation, some features may not be available on your device or operating system.

Please follow the steps below to find available feature immediately.

1- Go to

You will see Phone/OS name on the top of the page.

2- Click the Phone/OS that you wish to spy on.

3- All available features, technical requirement and compatibility details will be listed.

We have step by step user manuals with screenshots for each step of uninstallation and deactivation.

- Please login to your web account on

- Once you logged in, please click the HELP button on the LEFT menu. 

- Click Reference Manuals to access user manuals for uninstallation and deactivation.

Please click the link below to make renewal payment

Did you check our FAQ

You can check our frequently asked questions and answers. We update this list regularly. You can find answer immediately without waiting answer from Support Team.

Please click here and check our FAQ before submit your questing.

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Please login to your web account on

Once you logged in please click HELP section to see all user manuals 

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